Must-See Art Events: Pioneer Week

02/04/2013 2:15 PM |

Joachim Patinir, Crossing into the Underworld, image courtesy of

  • Joachim Patinir, “Überfahrt in die Unterwelt,” image courtesy of

This week, we bravely venture out of the apartment to hear from people who’ve each blazed a trail or two themselves. We’ll see a talk and screening by Charles Atlas, portraits from Bushwick, and Jaimie Warren’s food photos one more time before they go down.

24/7 Through February 15th

Ongoing: Pioneers in Bushwick, Wyckoff Heights Medical

To hear the art scene tell it, the pioneers were the ones who colonized pre-coffee shop Bushwick in the early 2000s. So it’s refreshing to see the title of Daryl Ann-Saunders’ show of photo portraits, “Pioneers in Bushwick,” describing people who’ve lived in the neighborhood since 1975 or earlier.

The show will be taking place at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (open 24/7), perhaps in an attempt to put a good face on their jaw-dropping levels of corruption and negligence. Regardless of when you got here, that’s something everybody can share.
374 Stockholm Street, Bushwick

Monday, February 4th

Benefit Party: NOoSphere

No events listing is complete without a benefit party- this week, it’s NOoSphere. Since opening in 2011, the artist-run, LES, not-for-profit exhibition and performance venue has been acting as a hub for an international community of artists, and also as a link between Brooklyn and Manhattan. You want to keep this place running.
$30 for individuals, $100 for “business associates” (the mob?)
6:30-8:30. 251 East Houston, LES

Wednesday, February 6th

Talk: Jaimie Warren, The Woahs of Female Tragedy, The Hole

If you haven’t yet seen Jaimie Warren’s brilliant Cindy Sherman-meets-tumblr show, this is your last chance to do so. DO IT. Warren and her friends stage colorfully sloppy renditions of found photoshopped art history paintings and photos from Often in a goofy sneer or a Halloween wig, Warren descends on pop culture with the flamboyance of a Joan Rivers or a Roseanne Barr. You can hear her speak in person at the Hole on Wednesday.
8 PM, 312 Bowery

Thursday, February 7th

Artist Talk: Exchange: Charles Atlas, EAI

Charles Atlas has been all over New York lately, inaugurating Bushwick’s Luhring Augustine with a solo show and screening at the 2012 Whitney Biennial. Atlas is known as a major figure in New York’s queer experimental performance and video scene in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but he began his career as Merce Cunningham’s filmmaker-in-residence for ten years. EAI will be screening some of that work, followed by a talk with the artist. Make sure to RSVP at
$7, Students $5. Free to EAI members. 6:30PM, 535 West 22nd Street, 5th floor, Chelsea

Opening: Queer and Transgender Homeless Youth in NYC 2005-2012, Strange Loop Gallery

Recent studies show that up to 40 percent of homeless youth are LGBTQ, the vast majority of whom report running away or being forced out of their homes. Samantha Box has been documenting the local population of homeless LGBTQ youth since 2005, and you can see those portraits on Thursday.
6-9 PM, 27 Orchard Street, LES

Symposium: Intangible Economies, Artists Space Books and Talks

Artists Space hosts a talk inspired by the launch of Intangible Economies, a publication of a series of texts from the thrice-yearly Vancouver-based contemporary art magazine Fillip. The editor-at-large and artist Antonia Hirsch will speak at Artists Space with Patricia Reed and Candice Hopkins about how art values are often shaped by the economy.
$5 donation, 7 PM, 55 Walker Street, Soho

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  • Thank you, Whitney, so much for shining some attention on the “Pioneers of Bushwick” project as a Must-See. And it’s been extended through Feb. 22! Regards, Daryl-Ann Saunders