SPONSORED VIDEO: Easy In, Easy Out With the Samsung Refrigerator

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02/26/2013 11:03 AM |


This post is sponsored by Samsung: How easy is it to use a Samsung refrigerator? You’re about to find out.

Picture this. There’s a gang of cute, cuddly (and inexplicably British) primates on the loose, and they’re looking for their next meal. House by house, they’re roaming the neighborhood looking for the perfect fridge to raid. But not just any fridge will do; it’s got to be a Samsung. Why, you ask? With multiple, easy-to-slide drawers, even the tiniest hands can open and close the doors and slide the shelves with ease. Even a monkey can use the crisper drawer without a problem! And that’s great news for our crew of monkeys, but not so great for the unsuspecting homeowner. Click play on the video below to watch our gang of primates make their way into a kitchen and forage around for their next meal. You’ll find out pretty quickly that they have high-class taste. What’s on the menu for tonight? How about organic strawberries, frozen pizza, and a giant cucumber? Plus, some coriander too. If the monkeys have you convinced, be sure to check out the rest of the appliances that Samsung to offer.

And be sure to watch all the way to the end. One of our little guys finds his way into the coat closet and gets away with a certain piece of outerwear that should definitely look familiar. Want a hint? It’s the IKEA monkey’s outfit of choice. Enjoy!

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