The Horse Meat or Meat in Art Quiz

02/28/2013 11:19 AM |


This week we’ve learned that horse meat has snuck its way into Irish grocery-store burgers and IKEA meatballs. Now most of Europe suffers from a collective hangover, plagued by the thought of accidentally ingesting such a regal creature possibly full of hormones. They didn’t know! Well, most people can’t tell the difference between a beef burger and a horse burger just by looking at it.

And just like we don’t know what’s gone into those burgers and meatballs, there’s countless works of art that don’t specify the meat they use. Holy hell: We don’t know if Carolee Schneemann used beef or ham in Meat Joy!

In response to this, we’ve come up with “The Horse Meat or Meat in Art Quiz” to help suss out what we do know. The answers are in upside-down text, revealed after the multiple choice questions.

1. Jana Sterbek, Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic, 1987


Is it ___?
a. Beef
b. Horsemeat
c. Whale meat
d. Rabbit