These Are The Most Insane Twitter Reactions To Last Night’s Oscars

02/25/2013 10:15 AM |

Never to be repeated.

  • Never to be repeated.

Whether you’re super into it or bury your emotions in pharmaceuticals in order to cope with it, we are officially living in the future. Ipso facto, Twitter! People love to use that thing during big, relevant public events like the Academy Awards. It’s like they don’t know we all die alone regardless, or something!

Anyway, while some people correctly spent time complaining about Seth MacFarlane and others offering armchair commentary on dresses and things, lots of other people on Twitter got pretty weird. And weird in sort of unexpected ways! In all honesty, seeing people barrage social media with a bunch of inappropriate updates was one of the night’s bigger highlights once the show got boring, which was early on. So, here is a slice of humanity in 2013. Make of it what you will.