Which 90’s Nostalgia Cruise Is Right For You?

02/21/2013 9:00 AM |

Matchbox 20

No, silly, “none of them” isn’t an option! You are required to a pick side here, because this? This is important. So, where do you allegiances lie? With “Mark McGrath & Friends,” or with Matchbox 20 and their just-announced cruise?

Well, it’s worth examining the evidence. Both will take place during colder months of the year, both will last roughly 3 days, both will travel from Miami to Nassau, both cost at least $700 per person. Some might argue that this is far too much money (and about 71 hours too many) for a 90’s nostalgia show, others that this is simply the realization of a decade(s)-in-the-making dream. Anyway, the only real differences are in line-up; the “Mark McGrath & Friends” umbrella includes Sugar Ray, Cracker, The Verve Pipe, Smash Mouth, The Spin Doctors, Marcy Playground, the Gin Blossoms, Vertical Horizon, and “members of” Collective Soul and Live. The Matchbox 20 tour is just… Matchbox 20. So basically, this is a really tough call to make. Or it was, anyway, prior this totally comprehensive guide to personalized 90’s cruise selection, based on an elaborate rubric of lifestyle preferences. It’s time to choose your fate.

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  • Considering how matchbox isn’t just a 90’s band (most of their & Rob Thomas’ hits were in the new millenium) and considering they have an incredible new CD out with great tunes, I’d go for the gold and catch Rob Thomas and crew!