Which 90’s Nostalgia Cruise Is Right For You?

02/21/2013 9:00 AM |

Like so.

  • Like so.

Drink of Choice

This is actually pretty important. The whole point of cruises, I hear, is to spend the bulk of your time drunk and/or snacking. But mostly drunk. And on a cruise that is specifically geared towards nostalgic adults, as opposed to families? Forget about it.

So, let’s see. I’d say fans of both 40s and any gin-based drinks (duh, The Gin Blossoms themselves are on board) should go with McGrath & Friends. Matchbox 20 seems more, I don’t know, like an airplane-bottles-of-hard-liquor-furtively-poured-into-a-32-ounce-coffee sort of vibe. If that’s your thing, or sounds like it could be, go with that.

One Comment

  • Considering how matchbox isn’t just a 90’s band (most of their & Rob Thomas’ hits were in the new millenium) and considering they have an incredible new CD out with great tunes, I’d go for the gold and catch Rob Thomas and crew!