Which 90’s Nostalgia Cruise Is Right For You?

02/21/2013 9:00 AM |

Bet he could use a Camel Crush right now.

  • Bet he could use a Camel Crush right now.

“Your Brand” of Smokes

Well, the real answer here is “none” or “electronic cigarettes,” because no one on this cruise is a rebellious and/or vaguely alt teenager anymore, and you should have quit years ago. But for argument’s sake, I’d peg the McGrath & Friends boat as the S.S. Camel Crush. Sure, they weren’t around back in the day, but they represent all the options aboard this boat, and anyway, Smash Mouth fans are obviously menthol people. Go with Matchbox 20, if you like, what, American Spirits? Probably American Spirits.

One Comment

  • Considering how matchbox isn’t just a 90’s band (most of their & Rob Thomas’ hits were in the new millenium) and considering they have an incredible new CD out with great tunes, I’d go for the gold and catch Rob Thomas and crew!