Which 90’s Nostalgia Cruise Is Right For You?

02/21/2013 9:00 AM |


Employment on the Outside

Eh, we can play pretty fast and loose with this one. Vacations aren’t the time to be thinking about work! That said, this is a real opportunity for anyone who works in any kind of establishment geared toward tweens and drunk adults — roller rinks, bowling alleys, go-cart tracks, whatever — to mingle with their peers, because every single one of these bands has set a video in at least one of these places at some point in time.

Also, guidance counselors, because let’s not forget about that song “The Freshmen.” They should head for McGrath’s boat. Everyone else can do what they want.

One Comment

  • Considering how matchbox isn’t just a 90’s band (most of their & Rob Thomas’ hits were in the new millenium) and considering they have an incredible new CD out with great tunes, I’d go for the gold and catch Rob Thomas and crew!