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02/12/2013 2:16 PM |

The Internet is vast but it’s getting harder and harder to find new stuff when everyone’s sharing the same videos, following the same Tumblrs, and going to the same blogs. We’re using the Internet like there’s only a few options out there; everyone’s ordering cheese pizza, but there’s plenty of other toppings. It’s kind of boring.

In lieu of growing complacent with what’s on the Internet, I’ve started looking for videos on YouTube with less than 100 hits. That’s a hard thing to do. Most of the videos I’ve found are dry, amateur, and most importantly, they’re not popular. But I like them for the simple fact that they’re unlike most other things circulating the Internet. Here’s several of my current, mostly art-related finds:

1. An Internet Dweller – Nam June Paik

This video confounds me. The late video artist Nam June Paik was a technophile, and ended up paying attention to various changes in industry throughout his life, but I was completely unfamiliar with his Internet-related work (Thanks, YouTube!). After doing some Googling of my own, I found several other versions of “Internet Dweller”, but none exactly the same as the one in this video.

Another odd note: I’m not not sure why Nam June Paik’s sculpture would be featured inside a wood-panelled room next to a sofa. I want to find that rec-room styled museum.

2. Hedgehog in my house eating catfood 1

From this video, I learned that you can feed hedgehogs catfood and they’ll stick around your house. This guy named his hedgehog “Timothy”, and he doesn’t seem to mind all sorts of adults making noise and walking around him.

3. VID_20111231_222212.3gp

Here, Constant Dullaart organizes some dishes into a circle, like an ajax spinner. His version’s noisier, with a lot of clicks and clacks.

4. Artwork Unboxing: Broken Image Icon Cross Stitch by Kacie Kim

Look at this art that arrived in the mail for artist Anthony Antonellis.

5. My horse art

Ah, the joy of knowing there’s people out there who do things—like draw horses—without needing an online audience for confirmation. (Similar to Antonellis’s project.) Still, nobody can get away from the thought that somebody’s bound to be watching. The video’s user explains:

“Well i am apperently better at drawing horses than wolves or any other animals so far XD”

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