5 More Acts Whose Return Albums Would Be a Huge Deal

03/13/2013 10:15 AM |


Neutral Milk Hotel:

Like My Bloody Valentine obsessives before them, Neutral Milk Hotel fans have mostly come to terms with the fact that their reclusive alt-rock hero may not release new music, ever. But mbv happened, and Mangum has been playing live gigs for years now, so unlikely things seem more possible all the time. The surprise drop of a new NMH record would have even more impact 15 years after In the Aeroplane Over the Sea than a more conventionally timed follow up would have. Even venturing out into public more frequently, Mangum remains a mysterious figure but his influence has been increasingly evident in cool and huge bands like Arcade Fire, and trickled down to terrible but huger bands like Mumford and Sons. Even April Ludgate, Aubrey Plaza’s impressed-by-nothing character on Parks and Recreation is a vocal super fan. An unexpected new record would lead to lots of emotions, probably some gifs.