8 Great Brooklyn Artists Under 30

03/13/2013 4:00 AM |

Alexandra Gorczynski

Prior to contacting her, I was told that an entire wall of her debut solo show at TRANSFER Gallery would be a painted desktop. Also, she’ll be painting on broken tablet devices. I can’t predict what any of that’s going to look like, but I expect it to be good. An informal poll taken at the time of this writing revealed a shit-ton of anticipation for this show, and I take that to mean something. Add to this her videos, which skillfully integrate the mystical and the sexual, and we’ve got a rising star in our midst.

What neighborhood do you live in?

I live in Bed-Stuy right now. I just moved here two weeks ago and am sleeping on my friend’s couch. Before that I was in Vienna and Amsterdam for a couple months. This seemed like the obvious place for me to live for a long time now, but I think I just need to explore first. I have a show opening March 16 at TRANSFER Gallery in Bushwick, so that’s a nice way to welcome me into the city.

Who or what had the biggest influence on your career early on?
Probably my peers and the people I went to school with. I went to RISD and there were a lot of talented visionaries  there. It was very inspiring. Also the relationships I made and that others made carried on after graduation, and everyone still continues to work closely and support each other’s efforts.

For people unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe it?
Sincere and emotional new-media folk art.

If you could exhibit your work anywhere—not just art institutions—where would it be?
On shower curtains, giant screens on the sides of buildings, in bathroom stalls, and on the back of airplane chairs.

If you couldn’t express yourself through your art, what other medium would you try?
Well, I like sewing a lot. And fashion. When I went to school I thought about going into fashion design, but I opted for painting instead. Probably because I thought it was romantic or something. Plus the patternmaking part of fashion design seemed unpleasant. Also, this sounds cheesy, but when I was younger I thought it might be nice to own a flower shop. I like flowers and they’re pretty and they smell good. I don’t know if that’s a “medium” of expression, but I’m sure to some it is.

What other kind of jobs have you held? Did they help your art at all?
I worked three or four years sewing for small companies that sold handmade goods. I don’t think it directly influenced my art, but I enjoyed it, and it kept me from going insane working shitty jobs in retail or waitressing.

What do your parents think of your art?
My mom thinks its pretty, but I think she’d be more impressed if I had a steady job and health insurance.

Photo by Helena Wolfenson


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