Scientific Proof: Williamsburg Hipsters Love PBR

03/25/2013 4:18 PM |


  • Locu

Guys! Guuyyyys? Have you heard that great joke, the one about hipsters and how they like PBR? It’s a real doozy. And also, apparently, based on hard scientific fact! The menu management experts over at Locu have crunched the data, and there’s no going back for us now.

Using numbers based on menu availability, the Locu team has created a map showing the geographic popularity of different cheap beers — principally, Bud Light and PBR — and while Bud has the overall edge, PBR is pretty much as popular as you’d guess in places like Williamsburg and San Francisco’s Mission District. Where the hipsters live.

Which is an interesting use of data, kind of funny, nothing too surprising, et cetera et cetera. What is sort of insane about this project are the notes on price distribution. Obviously people drink both brands because they’re generally a bargain basement option — PBR averages either $2 or $4 at bars, and Bud Light $4 or $6 — but only generally. In the full price distribution, Bud Light apparently ranged all the way up to $18 in some places. Eighteen full, certified U.S. dollars, for what is arguably the weakest, worst beer in America. Jesus. In fact, the working theory is now that PBR is actually popular with hipsters because it’s so much more reliably cheap than its competitors. So, maybe we’ve all learned something here today.

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  • This article would be poignant if it were written in 199… no,you know what it would never be poignant, just lame and what we’ve decided to call journalism now