The STD Screening App You’ve Been Praying For Is Now a Reality

03/11/2013 1:52 PM |


  • STD Triage

It even has a fancy, official sounding term to go with it: “tele-dermatology.” Originally, Swedish company iDoc24 had designed a service that allowed people to send in pictures of their skin conditions to be checked out and assessed by medical professionals, according to the company’s founder Alexander Börve. Naturally, at least 30 percent of inquires turned out to be “of the genital area.”

Hence the creation of STD Triage, a new version of the app that allows users to send in “overview” and “close-up” shots of the problem area to “world renowned” experts, then pay $9.99 for the results once their evaluation is ready. In general,70 percent of users are encouraged to seek over-the-counter remedies, and the rest are strongly encouraged to seek in-person medical treatment.

Obviously, there are a lot of great dick pic jokes to be made here, but I actually just love this idea. As far as public health goes, STD screenings should be the easiest, cheapest, fastest thing in the world to get, and a $10 recommendation is far better than most co-pays, not to mention way less of a time suck. Meaning, I think, that people would be more likely to bite the bullet and take care of whatever it is they need checked out. Video below of Börve explaining more about the service, worth it entirely for the way he says “genital area” around the :45 mark.

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