What’s An Acceptable Response After Learning About Someone Burning A Bag of Puppies?

03/06/2013 1:20 PM |

Who could hurt a little guy like this?

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  • Who could hurt a little guy like this?

A really, really terrible thing happened in Brooklyn yesterday. The kind of thing that leaves you questioning the existence of shared humanity. You ask yourself, Is it possible to say that we all have some fundamental good in us? And then you answer your own question by saying, No. Very quietly, and to yourself, you say, No.

What is this terrible thing? Well, as you could probably guess from the headline, someone in Brooklyn yesterday burned a bag of puppies. I read about it on Daily Intel, where I learned, “over the weekend shows two men in a white minivan pull up to a Brooklyn Dumpster, drop a black garbage bag, and light it on fire. “ There’s surveillance video footage of this atrocious crime, but I won’t post it here. And reading the comments on the DI post are depressing because of the jokes. And I like jokes. And I take almost nothing seriously. But I do take the sadistic killing of 4 pitbull puppies and their mother seriously. So what I’ve determined the only appropriate response to be is posting a few more pictures of adorable pitbull puppies and suggesting that we all donate a little something—money or time—to a good animal rescue organization. My local favorite is Sean Casey Animal Rescue, and a fun way to volunteer there is by walking some of the dogs that they’ve rescued who haven’t found homes yet. Consider doing that today.


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  • c/o vegansaurus.com


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  • c/o vegansaurus.com

Sean Casey Animal Rescue; 153 E. 3rd Street, Windsor Terrace

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