Yes, Bushwick, You’re Getting a Net Art Gallery

03/01/2013 11:43 AM |

Rollin Leonard, Franky 5 Circles. GIF courtesy of

  • Rollin Leonard, “Franky 5 Circles.” GIF courtesy of

We learned through the grapevine this week that there’s a new net art gallery coming to Bushwick. Transfer is scheduled to open March 16th, and we’re excited.

It’s founded and privately funded by independent curator Kelani Nichole, a net art maven well known for her work with the collectively-run Little Berlin Gallery based in Philadelphia. There, she became known for curating the likes of F.A.T. Lab, Manifest.AR, and Computers Club. Her last endeavor “get>put>” tried to bridge the gap between physical and digital space, with a gallery show that coincided with an HTML download version from Rhizome.

“Transfer will very much be continuing that line of thought,” Nichole told me over the phone yesterday. “We’re building a stripped-down e-commerce platform, where we’re going to sell smaller collection items of editioned work ahead of the show.” Those sales will fund a subsequent solo show by each artist, with all proceeds going toward travel and installation expenses. “It’s a sort of kickstarter spirit, where you can collect smaller pieces in order to support the artists’ work,” she explained.

In the upcoming solo shows at Transfer, Alexandra Gorczynski will be selling a book; ASCII artist A. Bill Miller will be selling inkjet prints; Lorna Mills will be selling gifs on devices. Fans of Animal’s Very Short Film Fest will take note of GIF magician Rollin Leonard. And you can expect to meet stalwarts— Rick Silva, Carla Gannis and Justin Petropoulos, LaTurbo Avedon, and G.H. Hovagimyan grace the exhibition calendar so far. Woohoo!

We’re also interested because Transfer’s fundraising model parallels that of Bushwick’s other new arrival, Auxiliary Projects; there, artists are exclusively selling affordable, miniature objects to supplement their larger work. Let’s hope the model sticks.

Image for Alexandra Gorczynskis Truisms, opening March 16th

  • Image for Alexandra Gorczynski’s “Truisms,” opening March 16th