Mad Men’s Native Brooklynite Explains the Mystery of Her Heritage

04/08/2013 11:02 AM |

Peggy Olson Brooklyn Norwegian Catholic

As far as I can tell, Peggy Olson is Mad Men‘s only native Brooklynite—just like me at The L Magazine. Also like me, Peggy comes from Bay Ridge Norwegians. Unlike me, however, she was raised by what Wikipedia calls “a Roman Catholic Norwegian-American family,” which has long peeved me and other Yellow Hook Scandinavians: how the heck do you get a Catholic Norwegian? But in last night’s episode, obviously in response to the coordinated letter-writing campaign undertaken by southern Brooklyn Nordics, series-creator Matthew Weiner finally solved the mystery.

In a conversation with a pastor while trying to track down her boss, Peggy stated that she’s in fact Irish-Catholic—that, while her father was a Norwegian and (of course) a Lutheran, her Irish mother is the source of her Catholic upbringing.

But this in fact just raises another question: what sort of Norwegian would marry an Irish Catholic and let her raise their children as papists? This Peggy Olson character is so complex!

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