Red Bull Creation is Coming to Northside, Plus Meet the Initial NExT Expo Exhibitors

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04/08/2013 5:40 PM |


So, we promised you that this year NExT would grow into the biggest innovation and entrepreneurship showcase around, right? Well, we didn’t tell you was that we’d be tenting Mccarren Park, making the Expo free to attend with an RSVP (just click here), and we certainly didn’t promise that in addition to 150+ booths showcasing the most innovative, and disruptive companies coming out of New York City, we’d have the folks at Red Bull host their transformation Red Bull Creation competition right smack in the middle of NExT.

That’s right, Red Bull is flying six top engineering teams to McCarren Park to engage in a 72-hour competitive build; they’ll be competing for a $10,000 prize and, you know, infamy. If you think you’ve got the chops to apply, check out more information here. For the rest of us, Red Bull will build a state of the art tool shop right in the middle of the NExT Expo, and we’ll watch as the laser saws buzz and the blowtorches blow.

But, of course, there’s more than just laser saws at NExT. If you’re interested in startup companies or would like to be a part of the most exciting innovation community around, then you’ll love everything else going on in Mccarren. We’ll be announcing more NExT Expo exhibitors over the next few weeks, but for now meet some of our favorite companies that will be showcasing at NExT. You’ll find the sneak peek after the jump.

Atavist is a Brooklyn-based media and software company currently putting the finishing touches on its mobile-first publishing platform for individual creators. At NeXT, they’ll be teaming up with local independent print publications to create enhanced digital editions of some of New York’s best magazines.

America’s story is written on the road. They’re making that road smarter, safer and more affordable. Like a FitBit for cars.

An amazingly simple and intuitive site for freelancers to find work, Hourly is built for and by freelancers who understand the unique challenges of building a career that goes job to job.

Rangl is the place where everyone can settle any argument. Put your position in the face of their streaming eyes and prepare for judgment.

Seed&Spark is the first end-to-end solution for filmmakers and film lovers to join together to fund, promote and watch films in a virtual movie studio and cinema. Filmmakers crowd-fund their projects using the WishList – a wedding registry for film production when supporters can buy or loan specific items. Audiences become players in show business, gathering rewards points called Sparks for funding and sharing film projects they can redeem right away to watch movies free. Users gather followers, allowing filmmakers to build their brand and engaged audiences to become community curators.

Sherpaa is unlike any benefits company out there. The are skilled doctors and HR experts, concerned equally with your health and efficiency. They guide your health, and take the confusion out of healthcare – saving you pain, time, and money.

VOXON will unveil a sneak peek of the Voxibox – the world’s first Volumetric Entertainment System – with never before seen voxel-based experiences for the NExT attendees. Witness breakthrough volumetric display technology that leaves 2D pixel-based screens behind to mesmerize you with real 3D voxels visible with the naked eye.