Sex, Love, and Brooklyn: Lacy’s Guide to Brooklyn’s Underground Sex Parties (Part 2)

04/08/2013 9:45 AM |

This is what makes Chemistry so wonderful: while sex is the main agenda, how you get to sex is through conversation. Chemistry creates an atmosphere where folks spend a good couple of hours flirting. I am attracted to people for a variety of different reasons, their looks being only a tiny slice on the pie chart I love being able to have witty repartee with a partner, and I’ll pick that person over the hunk any day. I got to meet smart, funny people at Chemistry, and I got to see them naked.

Jonny and I decided to enter this new territory slowly. We would get massages first. There was a booth where you could get naked sensual massages. This is my dream come true. Just in case anyone reading this wants to know how best to seduce me, offer me a massage and I’m yours. Immediately, I took off all my clothes and let the half-naked, bear masseur do his best. This was well worth the $130 price of admission.

Jonny and I were both naked now. We were laughing and high off the pure craziness that everywhere around us people were now fucking. The sex had gone beyond the playrooms and people were screwing on the dance floor. A hot nurse was getting eaten out on a medical table rolled out to the middle of the party. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I went over and started sucking on her breasts. I know it might sound naïve, or maybe even shy, that this was all I did, but it was the perfect amount of action for me and I loved it. Chemistry was a helluva party and I would go back without a question.

It was definitely due to my great time that, upon leaving, this thought entered my head: “Chemistry is totally the type of place I would take a boyfriend.” Now, that’s purely hypothetical because I haven’t actually gotten past a third date in years. Yet it certainly ought to help my fear of monogamy if there was room for a place like Chemistry in my future relationship. I just feel that if I could go somewhere with my partner and mix it up with some really hot peeps, live out my fantasy a little and then let that fantasy heat up the bedroom at home. . .then why not? Especially because Chemistry isn’t the kind of place where anyone is going to make a long lasting connection. It’s only about sex, so you don’t have to worry about your partner falling in love with someone else and leaving you.

So while in some ways Jonny was great to bring—he’s hilarious and obviously very chivalrous—I wish I’d brought someone I was dating to the party. Chemistry is the perfect instigator for the first fuck with someone you’ve newly started seeing. I might not want to hook up with strangers, but watching people screw live is a huge turn on for me. And so, once I got home that night, I couldn’t help but think about how great it would have been to get it on with a date. Instead, Jonny and I stripped off all our clothes and fell into the platonic spoon position known all too well to close friends. Though lovely, it was the least sexy thing about the night.

Like I said before, taking a boyfriend to an orgy is purely a hypothetical for me. I have no real idea how I would feel about seeing my boyfriend fucking someone else in front of me. But the party was so hot I just wanted to share it with everyone I loved and, especially, someone I was having sex with. Maybe next time.

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  • “To my pleasant surprise, that wasn’t the case. Plus, all the guests were incredibly attractive. I guess this is where sending in your headshot helps. There was not a single overweight person there.”

    Right. I guess it needs to be said again. It really isn’t cool to say that overweight people are not attractive. Just makes you sound like an awfully narrow-minded person. And it’s mean.

  • It might be mean, but it’s generally true. I’m sure she just meant there weren’t any morbidly obese people there. Curves are nice. I wouldn’t want a party full of waifs.

  • Time was when this could have been a spontaneous event that did not involve a financial transaction……

  • Over-weight people aren’t attractive and they should go on diets and stop over-eating and doing things that make then over-weight.

  • You haven’t been on a third date in years, maybe that’s because you are cheap and easy, okay scrub that, you probably aren’t cheap but you sure sound easy, no guy wants a relationship with an easy girl, thus we will fuck you and move on, i hope you can learn this as it will make future relationships work out better and you won’t grow old with no one around you.

  • Whatever, no one wants the fatties other then the brother from the hood, so the selection process sounds great. Nothing close minded about that, look around you for a change.