The So So Glos Were Banned from CBGBs

04/10/2013 4:00 AM |

Alex: What was that question anyway? What is a so so glo?

Zach: When did you start the So So Glos. 2006. It was originally started with Ryan and Alex’s other step brother, Tim Greeley, so it was us four. That was the first incarnation. And then there was this second incarnation with this kid Joel, who we called Yoli, and he played on the first album. And then Matt joined right after, Matt joined in 2007.

Matt: I didn’t really think I was in the band until some months later when we started working on songs together. I thought I was just going to fill in for a while.

Ryan: Yeah, we really needed someone to play guitar really bad. And we asked a lot of people. And Matt said yes. So it was just like, ok, go on this tour, see how it goes, see if we get along. We didn’t know each other at all.

Zach: The first time we saw Matt I went to Ryan, “yo, keep an eye on this kid.” But even before I saw you play, I met you—you introduced yourself to me on the street. He was like, “hey! I’m Matt!” Like really excited. I thought you were from Venezuela or some shit, cuz I’d met Juan right before I met you, and I thought you were part of Juan’s crew from South America. And I thought immediately when I found out you play guitar, before I even saw you play… and then I saw you play, and was like, “whoa. He’s good.”

Matt: Yeah, I was a lot nicer back then, and excited to be a part of that whole thing. It was an exciting time!

Alex: I remember the first time I saw Silent Barn I was like, “whoa.” In the basement?

Matt: There hadn’t been any really long-standing spaces then. Joe was setting up one-offs with these dubious characters. Like near the Bergen 2 stop. It was a hat factory on the upstairs of this old firehouse. It was a beautiful space, but the guy fucked Joe out of a shit-ton of money at the end of the night. And he still managed to pay the bands.

Zach: We were also both from New York. I had met Joe in high school, and we didn’t meet him again until we met him in another state. We were in Providence, Rhode Island; he booked some DIY show, and we played. It was where we re-met him. “I remember this guy, he used to have a mohawk 10-feet tall.” And he was working with Todd [P.] at the time, and he was learning from Todd how to put on shows, and that show changed our lives. That was our first time going on tour almost. We played a house party in Rhode Island. And the crowd was going crazy.

Ryan: Which for us was really crazy. Because you don’t play houses in Brooklyn!

Alex: We were just so used to playing parties where everyone was just standing around at the back, jaded as hell. So it was really exciting finding the DIY scene, and it became part of…

Ryan: We became part of it, and it became part of us.

Matt: “Chapter One: When Interpol Ruined the Earth.” And all those Lower East Side rocker dudes look so fucking bad now.

Zach: Guys, c’mon, we’re gonna look just as bad if not worse. Those guys are some of our biggest fans, though… we like to think of ourselves as highbrow, but really we’re just lowbrow.

Ryan: Lowbro.

Matt: Highbro.

Ryan: You want to ask another question?

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