What You Need to Know About Today’s Tony Nominations

04/30/2013 11:21 AM |

Golden Boy play revival Clifford Odets Tony awards

  • I cut this out of the paper and taped it to my wall. Srsly.

Good Work Was Actually Recognized
The default attitude toward awards shows should be that they reward only the popular (eg., Grammys) and the middlebrow prestigious (eg., Oscars). That’s not so easy to say about the Tonys, too; I mean, they do only honor a slim amount of the theater performed in New York, and it’s the often least challenging/most tourist-friendly at that. But the Tonys ain’t suckers, either; the disastrous Spider-Man musical was famously snubbed. And today the Tonys gave eight nominations, the most for any play, to last year’s revival of Golden Boy, which was like the best damn thing I ever saw. (I saw it twice. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything twice.) For a production that was firing on all cylinders, it’s great to see not only the director and some cast members recognized, but also the sound designer, the lighting designer, the costume designer, etc. [photo]