When Will We Be Able to Drink At Wreck Room Again?

04/01/2013 4:40 PM |


  • Photo via Emily Paup for Brokelyn

We’d been hearing rumblings about this over the weekend, and a report today from DNAinfo confirms that Wreck Room, a Bushwick boozing staple, was closed down by the Department of Health late last month due to so-called “rodent activity.”

Now, one could argue that “rodent activity” isn’t necessarily a huge problem if you all you want to do is drink for not too much money in a dank, poorly lit bar. But it is kind of a big problem if, say, you’re a health inspector, or just someone who wanted to feel good about eating rice balls from the adjoining Arancini Bros.

Regardless, it’s gross, and it happened. The real question here is when, exactly, they’ll be opening back up. Management has been somewhat tight-lipped about this, but at least one anonymous bar employee (who also claims the real problem was “standing water due to plumbing issues,” rather than actual rodents) was hopeful that, pending another inspection, the bar will be opening back up at some point tonight. So, if you needed some sort of feel-good news for your Monday night drinking, consider this it.

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