A Booze Playlist: The 20 Best Drinking Songs

05/08/2013 10:00 AM |

This is you and your friends, probably.

  • This is you and your friends, probably.

Drinking and music go together like, I don’t know, two things that go together really well, in a really sloppy, perfect kind of way. They just fit. If you’ve never belted out a song while holding a bottle of something in your hand, extended arm wobbling and sloshing the contents to the floor, well, I don’t know that you can say you’ve really lived. But what makes a perfect drinking song? Well, it helps if it references alcohol, although any kind of intoxication will do, be it alcohol, drugs, or even love. It helps if it’s easily identifiable from its opening bars, so that you can prepare yourself to sing along. It helps if the chorus is repeated enough that, even if you forget most of the lyrics, you can chime in a few times over the course of the song. It helps if it’s particularly gleeful or particularly poignant, anything that makes you feel. These are songs that will make you cry into your glass and jump up off your bar stool. These are songs that will make you grab the person next to you and insist that they sing along. These are songs that you will dance to, because you just can’t help it, you need to dance. These are the songs that, just when you’re sure that the alcohol has dulled your brain past the point of cognizance, bring you back again, so that you can start all over. You can start everything all over.


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