Drink Local: The Best Booze Made in Brooklyn

05/08/2013 4:00 AM |

Breuckelen Distilling

“Never judge a gin by its label.” We’re pretty sure that’s how the saying goes, but it’s pretty easy to ignore that when confronted with a bottle of Breuckelen Glorious Gin. The bottle is a thing of beauty, with a wax-sealed stopper and a letter-press label that is just as carefully crafted as the gin itself. Once we removed the stopper, the lively scent of grapefruit filled the air and we were eager to taste the spirit and see if it held up to our high expectations. Distilled from wheat grown in upstate New York, Breukelen Glorious Gin is distilled for a second time with juniper, lemon, rosemary, ginger, and the aforementioned grapefruit. It’s a vibrant, botanical spirit that has a much stronger citrus taste than any other gin we’ve tried, but it works well. It’s easy to picture long hot days spent drinking Glorious Gin, touched by a splash of grapefruit juice and stirred with a sprig of rosemary. In fact, that’s all we can think of right now.