Drink Local: The Best Booze Made in Brooklyn

05/08/2013 4:00 AM |

New York Distilling

This liquormaker produces two gins, both of which nod to our fair city: one named for a 19th-century commandant at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, made at “navy strength” (104 proof, the strongest you can make a spirit so you can spill it all over gunpowder and still fire it); the other, an American gin named after Dorothy Parker, noted New York wit and gin drinker. On Richardson Street, the distillery is attached to the Shanty, where you can find these gins mixed in myriad cocktails. Much as we enjoy these gin drinks, we’re more excited about the whiskey the distillery has made—and it’s not even out yet! Presently, it’s aging in barrels. It might be out by next year. Hurry up and age!