Drink Local: The Best Booze Made in Brooklyn

05/08/2013 4:00 AM |

Brooklyn Brewery

Maybe Brooklyn Brewery isn’t the first company that springs to mind when you think of the borough’s proliferation of small-batch businesses, seeing as the 25-year-old company’s flagship Brooklyn Lager has achieved a level of ubiquity no other local beer has ever come close to matching, and its other regularly bottled options are available at pretty much every bodega and supermarket in the tristate area. And yet the brewery has still managed to maintain that spirit, with an impressive array of large-format bottles like “best beer in New York” candidate Sorachi Ace and the many limited and adventurous draft-only selections in the Brewmaster’s Reserve series. The brewmaster himself, Garret Oliver, gets a lot of credit for helping raise awareness of the craft beer movement, but he’s been just as effective an advocate for Brooklyn the borough as he has for Brooklyn the beer.

Photo by Ashley Minette