Great GoogaMooga Canceled

05/19/2013 12:56 PM |

Great GoogaMooga canceled

The parks department, the Prospect Park Alliance, and the organizers of the Great GoogaMooga, the music and local food festival that’s been going on in Prospect Park all weekend, decided earlier to cancel the festivities today, the last day of the festival, citing the poor weather and potential for damage to the park because of how soggy it was out there. People who paid for VIP passes will have the cost refunded; the rest of us just won’t have a thing to go to today, I guess. Oh, good, cuz, uh, actually I was against the thing the whole time…

A friend had been on line for an hour when the decision to cancel came down. “CazzoMooga,” he said, because he’s Italian. Then I opened my Facebook and it’s all damp people with mobile updates like “#screwgooga.”

“Too bad they didn’t put their money where their mouth was when they said ‘rain or shine,'” wrote one.


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