The Doors Don't Suck

05/21/2013 11:05 AM |

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  • Ugh, that guy on the right

There’s no band in lower regard within hip circles these days than the Doors. They’re like the anti-hipsters. And that’s because the Doors are synonymous with Jim Morrison, probably the least funny, least ironic, least self-conscious, and maybe least likable musician of the last 50 years. He’s earnest to a pretentious fault, rambling about scattered Indians and bleeding ghosts; there’s a reason he became a punchline from The Simpsons to Wayne’s World.


But the Doors have a bit (a bit!) more cachet in musician circles, in large part because of Ray Manzarek, the founding member and keyboardist who died from bile-duct cancer in Germany yesterday at 74. What if we pushed for a paradigm shift—what if we stopped equating the Doors with Morrison and started equating them instead with Manzarek? If we could simply tolerate Morrison’s presence—when he’s not off on some bullshit, he’s actually a pretty solid lead singer—rather than foreground it to the point that we can’t get past it? The Doors are an awesome band. Let’s walk through some examples.

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  • To say that The Doors “were” Ray Manzarek is as misguided as saying that they “were” Morrison. They were a true ensemble. Morrison is overrated and the other three are underrated, but the best songs feature the best of all four of them.

  • Probably one of the worst, most misguided articles I’ve ever read about The Doors. Have you even listened to this band?

  • @Joe no, are they good?

  • People under 60 really can’t appreciate them, obviously.

  • henry stewart – by cirtue of the song choices you chose, you clearly have no idea about what your talking about when it comes to the doors. It was the duo of Morrison and Manzarek that really set that band apart from their contemporaries.

    i suspect that you wrote this article purely because the editor said that the L mag needed an article asap on manzarek to capitalize to his death. it’s one thing to write an article about manzarek or the doors in memory of him and discussing his career, but instead you go on this hipster rant about how apparently “everyone” knows how uncool/unhip/non-trendy th doors are/were.

    your writing makes you sound completely ignorant and arrogant, two character traits of an ohio transplant hipster douchebag who moved to nyc after college to re-invent themself as a fauxhemian “creative” type. its obnoxious “too-cool” poser transplants like you give nyc a bad name.

    fyi – im not even a big doors fan, but know enough of their music to know that your selections make you come off as an extremely uninformed (while being pretentious.

    please move back to ohio