Which 90's Nostalgia Tour Is Right For You?

05/21/2013 4:06 PM |


A few months back, we talked you through your options for two different upcoming 90’s nostalgia cruises, one held by Summerland ringleader Mark McGrath, and the other with just… Matchbox 20. Well, things move fast, cruises have been getting some shitty (ha!) PR, and all of that advice is now moot.


Now, after some quick scrambling by organizers, we have a bunch of 90’s nostalgia tours to sort through. Which is probably way more fun (and definitely less of a weird, intense commitment) than a cruise, anyway. But, then, all of them are vaguely “summer” themed, and faint rip-offs of one another—we’ve got “Summerland,” “Under the Sun,” and “Last Summer on Earth” to choose between—which makes it hard to decide where, exactly, you should allocate your precious $60 (and presumably the cost of like two dozen whiskey and Diet cokes the day of). Again, “none of them” is not an acceptable option. So, good thing we’ve come up with a totally comprehensive guide to the subtle differences between all of them, no?