Which 90's Nostalgia Tour Is Right For You?

05/21/2013 4:06 PM |


Under The Sun

Otherwise known as the real Summerland. This one got thrown together after the cancellation of the “Mark McGrath and Friends” cruise, and what it’s lost from the originally slated lineup (The Spin Doctors), it’s gained in sheer numbers: Smash Mouth, The Gin Blossoms, Vertical Horizon, and Fastball are all on the bill. I know, I know, in a perfect world this wouldn’t be Smash Mouth, but Sublime, reunited with a hologram Bradley Nowell. I don’t make the rules. Just go smoke in the parking lot during “All Star” or whatever.

Best For: Stoners, of course, and anyone willing to ride the LIRR just to see Sugar Ray—their lineup so far doesn’t include any NYC shows, and the closest is all the way in Huntington.