Bushwick Bar Alaska Caught on Fire Last Night

06/27/2013 12:04 PM |


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Well, this isn’t news we’re too happy to hear: Bedford and Bowery reports that a fire broke out around 10 last night in Bushwick bar Alaska (of boozy milkshake fame, lest we forget), forcing patrons to vacate the bar while firefighters got the blaze under control, which took about an hour. Naturally, there’s a Vine of the incident.


We spoke with co-owner Skyler Insler, who confirmed, “Last night there was some kind of small electrical fire that broke out near the entrance to the bar. We saw smoke and called 911, and the fire department was there within a couple minutes. Because the fire was inside the wall, they had to tear down some of the walls and the roof to extinguish it. Overall, we’re happy we were able to catch it when we did, and had the fire department not gotten there amazingly fast it could have been much worse. Most of all we’re just really grateful that no one was hurt.”

Which, all things considered, could be a lot worse. It also looks like the recovery period won’t be quite as long as was initially speculated. “Hard to say right now how soon we can get things fixed up, but we had emergency workers in there last night,” Insler explained. “I would say it will be in the magnitude of weeks, definitely not months. We definitely see an opportunity to have a big party when we open again.”

Seems like the least we can do is swing by and buy a few (or many) beers once they open back up, no?

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