Northside Film Day 2: Picks from The L Mag Staff

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06/18/2013 10:38 AM |


Northside Film continues today with nine (count ’em!) screenings happening across Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Now, nine screenings is too many for even the most seasoned cinephile, so if you’re having trouble deciding where to spend Northside Film Day 2, allow us to offer our assistance. Tickets for individual screenings are available here, and for the full Northside Film schedule, click here. You’ll find our picks after the jump. See you out there!


From NY With Love
A mash-up of tourist photos and clips from classic movies, the experimental From NY with Love makes it’s NY Premiere tonight at UnionDocs. If you’re feeling especially sentimental for New York City tonight, this is your best bet.

322 Union Ave.

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FUREVER (DIY Competition Feature, Presented by the MFA in Film at Vermont College of the Arts)
Narrated by Illeana Douglas, this doc takes an in-depth look at the (admittedly, sort of ridiculous) lengths some people will go to in mourning their deceased pets. It’s a pretty fascinating look at the sociological evolution of humanity’s relationship with animals as a species, but also, there are mummified poodles and taxidermied Pomeranians which is just the right amount of creepy.

308 Bedford Ave. #1

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Ape with Sasquatch Birth Journal 2
This low-budget, nihilistic and all-around brutal film makes its NY Premiere tonight at Williamsburg Cinemas. Ape follows the listless Trevor around his home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan as he gets into fist fights and tries his hands at stand-up comedy. The Chicago Reader called it a “Descendants song mixed with late Buñuel,” so take from that what you will.

Williamsburg Cinemas
217 Grand St.

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