Best of Brooklyn 2013: Books & Media

07/31/2013 4:00 AM |

Best Time Henry Stewart Was Mentioned In the New York Times
When the Gray Lady Mentioned his Tweet about How He Screams Like a Child

So perhaps this Best Of category is a little insidery, but if we can’t occasionally celebrate one of our own, what are we even doing? When the Astrotower started swaying on July 2, our culture editor tweeted from the scene: “Old rusted astrotower is swaying in the winds. A group of schoolkids is screaming. Me too! #coneyisland.” Both the New York Times and Gothamist quoted him, leading one commenter on Gothamist to write: “Henry Stewart is always screaming,” which he says is the weirdest thing anyone ever said about him (in public).

Best Silver Lining to a Bookstore Closing
Babbo’s Books Becomes Terrace Books

It was with a heavy heart that we learned of the closing of Babbo’s Books. It had long been our favorite bookstore in Brooklyn. What would take its place? A Dunkin Donuts? A cell phone store? No! Another indie bookstore! This one run by the good people of ParkSlope’s Community Bookstore, so the lit-lovers of Windsor Terrace can rest assured they’re in capable hands.