Beloved Park Slope Bar Jackie's 5th Amendment Is Closing Next Month

08/12/2013 9:30 AM |


  • Photo via Here’s Park Slope

Truly sad news for anyone who enjoys cheap buckets of tiny Budweiser bottles, or just has appropriate respect for neighborhood history: after several decades as a neighborhood cornerstone (and a good amount of time as the Last Dive Bar Standing in Park Slope), Jackie’s 5th Amendment will be closing.


Bartender Becky McCarthy (who you may remember petitioned this winter for the bar to secede from Park Slope) confirmed via email, “Yeah, I mean it was basically just a personal decision on the part of my boss [owner Harold Costello], we weren’t driven out by the rent or angry villagers or anything. The guy’s pretty tough, but he’s pushing seventy now and at that point running a bar can start to wear on you. It’s being sold to the pharmacy next door, which sounds like a waste of a liquor license, but has my support at least because it’s kind of cool that this way everyone’s forced to go down with the ship.”

The bar has a tentative closing date set as September 14th (we’ll update if we hear something more definite). Until then, you’ll find us sulking in the back room with a cavernous sense of loss and a growing pile of empty ponies.

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