The 5 Most Inappropriate Young Adult Novels We All Read as Kids (And Would Happily Read Again)

08/13/2013 2:56 PM |


Flowers In the Attic, V.C. Andrews
This is the book that inspired this post and this is the classic example of a novel that seems like it will maybe just be a scary read for kids, but is actually one of the most brilliantly twisted sagas of incest and murder and what doctors are like when they’re children that I’ve ever read. Things that happen in this book include a grandmother starving her grandchildren so that they are forced to eat raw mice and drink their sibling’s blood in order to stay alive, frequent mentions of “budding breasts” which develop in the shape of various fruits (strawberries and apples, to name just two), and teenage siblings taking baths together and washing each other’s hair. Plus, there’s a description of a swan-shaped bed whose magnificence still leaves me looking at my current bed frame with not a little bit of contempt.

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  • What upsets me most about On the Edge, is it did not, in fact mean anything to Francine Pascal since in a latter book, she brings back Regina as though IT NEVER HAPPENED. Way to scar kids and then forget about it Francine.