The 5 Most Inappropriate Young Adult Novels We All Read as Kids (And Would Happily Read Again)

08/13/2013 2:56 PM |


Whisper of Death, Christopher Pike
I read this book when I was either nine- or ten-years-old. Immediately after finishing it, I threw it in the garbage because it was so horrifying and so disturbing that I didn’t think anyone else should ever be exposed to it. It was, unfortunately, a library book, and so I felt a little guilty at the fine my dad had to pay. But not too guilty, because the book had freaked me out just that much. This is a rough plot summary: a teenage girl decides to get an abortion, she changes her mind and returns to her small hometown only to find that everyone is gone except for three of her friends and her boyfriend. She watches them die one by one, each death more horrible than the last (one guy walks along the edge of a razor thin wall, slips and IS CUT IN HALF). Finally, the girl realizes that she will always have to relive these horrible deaths unless she goes and gets the abortion. So she does. Then she dies. There’s also a witch. As you can maybe tell, this book is not really for a nine-year-old. And its message is vaguely anti-abortion. And anti-witch. Definitely inappropriate for kids.

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  • What upsets me most about On the Edge, is it did not, in fact mean anything to Francine Pascal since in a latter book, she brings back Regina as though IT NEVER HAPPENED. Way to scar kids and then forget about it Francine.