The 5 Most Inappropriate Young Adult Novels We All Read as Kids (And Would Happily Read Again)

08/13/2013 2:56 PM |


On the Edge (Sweet Valley High), Francine Pascal
Of all these books, probably this one is the least offensive in the sense that there isn’t any explicit sex or violence contained within its pages. Alternately, you could also say that it’s the most offensive because of the fact that a character—Regina Morrow, who was formerly deaf and kind and beautiful—dies of a heart attack after doing two lines of cocaine. I mean. What. That is so wrong and gives kids a completely inaccurate idea of what doing two lines of cocaine will do to you. This book is inappropriate because it goes against science and common sense. Also, it’s like one of those annoying people you knew in high school who were convinced that if they ever did acid they’d think they were Superman and jump off a roof. Live a little. God. This book is a travesty.

One Comment

  • What upsets me most about On the Edge, is it did not, in fact mean anything to Francine Pascal since in a latter book, she brings back Regina as though IT NEVER HAPPENED. Way to scar kids and then forget about it Francine.