10 Perfect Things to Do This Fall If You Are Single and Completely Alone

09/25/2013 10:28 AM |

See that lone figure? In the distance? Thats you.

  • See that lone figure? In the distance? That’s you.

So it’s fall. And everyone loves fall. Have you been outside lately? It’s glorious. And glorious is not a word I’ve ever used lightly, and not one I’m inclined to use lightly going forward, but still, there’s no other word for the weather right now. And, of course, this time of year is made all the more beautiful because we all know that winter is coming. Soon the air will turn frosty and there will be all sorts of festive obligations and we’ll all get a little bit wistful remembering that last year we at least had the prospect of an apocalypse to look forward to, which, sure, it didn’t happen, but wasn’t it pretty to think it might? This year, though, we don’t even have that. What do we have? Each other. And so that’s why so many people pair off into couples right around now, holding hands in an attempt to hold off existential malaise. But maybe you’re different? Maybe you’re steadfastly single? Maybe you shy away from commitment and are instead looking forward to navigating the cooling days and lengthening nights without someone else holding you back? Well, then this list of fall activities is for you. All of these things will be perfectly fun to do on your own. Although, I suppose, if you did want to share them with somebody, that would be ok too. I suppose.