9 Perfect Brooklyn Dates For Fall

09/20/2013 10:24 AM |

Ah, autumn romance.

  • Ah, autumn romance.

You know what’s a really nice thing about fall? Besides artificial pumpkin flavor and bulk halloween candy (like these Cadbury “Screme” Eggs, which apparently now exist)? Going on a date and not having to worry that you’re sweating through your shirt, or getting all weird and puffy from mosquito bites. If for that reason alone, autumn is genuinely underrated as a really good time of the year for dating.


And even if it weren’t, what, were you just gonna hole up, depressed and alone, only looking for love and fulfillment from May through August? Oof. No need. There are a lot of great ways to date in Brooklyn this time of year, whether your thing is whiskey, Al Pacino, tarot card readings, or all of the above.