9 Perfect Brooklyn Dates For Fall

09/20/2013 10:24 AM |


  • Brooklyn History

Visit Tiny Mystery Houses in Carroll Gardens
What with rapid development and a constant influx of new residents, it can sometimes feel like there aren’t any undiscovered pockets of Brooklyn left anymore. There are still a few weird little mysteries, though, and one of the best is Dennett Place, a one-block stretch in Carroll Gardens where, for reasons still unknown, a bunch of the houses have teeny, tiny little doors that would seem to better befit some sort of mythological character (as opposed to a well-nourished 21st century adult). Take a walk by, swap conspiracy theories, then head on over to nearby Abilene for a couple of low-key beers and maybe an order of onion rings. A nice thing to do any time, but especially good when the leaves are changing.

Abilene, 442 Court St.