9 Perfect Brooklyn Dates For Fall

09/20/2013 10:24 AM |


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Get A Tarot Reading (And Some Whiskey)
I guess it’s a good idea to know your audience for this one—not everyone is down with the occult!—but I can’t think of anything a whole lot more autumnal (assuming “autumnal” means “Halloween-y” to you) than a stop by Bushwick’s Catland Bookstore, which specializes in things like lunar alchemy and psychic development, and also regularly holds tarot readings. Even if there isn’t a reading happening, no harm in picking up a tarot deck then heading over to (equally autumnal) Alaska, where you can vaguely decipher each others’ futures while working your way through their extensive whiskey selection.

Catland, 987 Flushing Ave., Bushwick
Alaska, 35 Ingraham St.