A Bed-Stuy Bar is Charging $10 for Miller High Life

09/18/2013 12:45 PM |

Sweet, glorious beer champagne. c/o 40ozmaltliquor.com

  • Sweet, glorious beer champagne. c/o 40ozmaltliquor.com

On my birthday this year, everything was going great until I read Deadspin’s ranking of 36 cheap American beers. Cue tailspin: there’s no way that Natty Light (or Natty Ice for that matter!) could beat out Yuengling. They got cheap American beer all wrong.

The tailspin continues with this little bit of news, and it hits home: The owner of Bed-Stuy’ Black Swan, Sureshan Pather, is selling something criminal at his new bar/venue Beast of Bourbon: a 40 oz. of Miller High Life in a brown bag for $10.


The 6,000 square foot space serves over-the-counter BBQ and features over 50 domestic beers on draught, reports DNAInfo. The news site also points readers to this photo hosted on the bar’s Facebook page, and it is almost painful to accept: I’m pretty sure 22’s of High Life cost about $2 at the bodega. You know, the bodega that is down the street.

I’m pretty stoked for everything else that the bar has to offer, though: 50 beers, BBQ from Black Swan chef Adam Schere, and a jukebox with over 100 CDs running the punk rock gamut. But if Pather wants the place to be very DIY, as he says in the DNAInfo piece, the juxtaposition of a “DIY” band at a place that has a 500-700% markup on a $4 beer feels forced and gimmicky. Yeah, yeah, everybody’s got a gimmick, but: $10? Are you really going to ask the 22 year old with the Wipers pin to pay $10? The 35 year old with the X pin? Or, is the problem that the 22 year old is naive enough to fall into that trap? I mean, I… no words.

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  • Slight correction – Adam is a partner in the kitchen – but the Q is by Frank Davis, former owner/pitmaster of upstate cult fave Cha Cha Hut BBQ.