A Literary Pub Crawl: 10 Books to Read in 10 Brooklyn Bars

09/20/2013 10:15 AM |


After Claude, Iris Owens
The Gibson

“There are times when I’d rather converse with a crazed mugger than reason with myself.”

This book! It’s hilarious and dark and will have you cackling with laughter over your drink and so you’ll feel like everything is just right in the world, you really will. But it’s essential that you read it at a place like the Gibson, a place which has a large outdoor area where you can smoke and bring your dog and just spend the day drinking Bulleitt and reading about one of the best antiheroes in all of fiction—the one, the only Harriet. Cruel, crazy, and unbelievably funny, Harriet is a drinker’s best fictional companion.

What to drink: Bulleitt on the rocks. Maybe with a splash of soda? Do what you gotta do, but drink something strong. It’s the only way.
108 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

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