Anthony Weiner Now Throwing Tantrums at Playgrounds

09/23/2013 11:40 AM |


  • Image via Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

Where some failed mayoral candidates give thoughtful exit interviews and have a chill couple of glasses of wine with reporters, others vent their frustration on small children. Guess which one Anthony Weiner has been up to!


Well, obviously the latter. Which feels OK to talk about for a minute now that he’s not seriously threatening the tone of a crucial political moment for the city. So, per the Post, Weiner took his young son to the Union Square Park playground this weekend, and things didn’t go especially well. Reportedly, after another kid at the park accidentally peed on one of the swings, a “spy” told the Post that “Weiner was heard screaming, ‘Thanks for leaving this thing soaking wet.'”

This didn’t sit well with the kid’s dad (who had been grabbing napkins to clean up the mess), and he then told Weiner, “It’s funny you’re the one talking about other people’s self-control.” And it is! If a little sad for whatever small child had to be further embarrassed about peeing in public, already one of the worst, most humiliating things that can happen in the life of a kid. But then, at least Weiner’s finally found a place where he can be among his peers.

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