Calling All Brooklyn Bartenders!

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09/19/2013 5:06 PM |


Submit your favorite story from your experiences as a bartender for a chance to be featured in an animated short film and a chance to win a trip to the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, TN. Just email your submission to


1. Contestants must be 25 or older.

2. Contestants must be currently employed as a bartender in Brooklyn, NY.

3. No purchase is necessary to enter.

4. Entries must be sent via email to or delivered to 45 Main Street, Suite 806 Brooklyn, NY 11201, Attn: Bartender Animation Project, with an arrival time no later than 10 A.M. September 26, 2013.

5. Entries may not contain profanity.

6. Contestants may not refer to any licensed account that has a beverage alcohol license in the entries. This includes wearing clothing that is branded with the name of a licensed establishment.

7. Prize must be redeemed, and travel must occur, before March 31, 2014.

8. Prize consists of airfare, lodging, ground transportation, entertainment for winner and up to four friends to Nashville, TN and the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, TN for up to three days including travel time.

9. All travelers must be of legal drinking age.

10. A representative of Brown-Forman will choose flights and lodging.

11. Dates of travel will be arranged between the Brown-Forman representative and contest winner, but will ultimately be determined by the availability of the Brown-Forman representative.

12. Final contestants must sign Brown-Forman photo waiver in order to be eligible.

Northside Media will host an open call for contestants beginning at 10:00 am on September 25, 2013. Entries must be received by 10:00 am on September 26 2013. Contestants can submit their entry by email to or deliver their entry in person to 45 Main Street, Suite 806, Brooklyn, NY. Submission should include the name and birthdate of the contestant and the name and address of the bar or restaurant where they are currently employed. The submission should include the funniest or most interesting story that they have from working behind the bar. Stories should be 300 words or less. A panel of judges consisting of at least one person from The L Magazine and at least one representative from Jack Daniel’s will choose up to eight finalists based on content. The finalists’ stories will be videotaped and subsequently animated by artists hired by The L Magazine. Animation artists have creative license for treatment of the video story, and Brown-Forman has final approval authority for the end product. Contestants must sign a photo and video waiver prior to being videotaped. All images and likenesses will become the property of Brown-Forman Beverages. The final videos will be housed on for 7 days beginning 1/8/2014, and readers/viewers can vote online for their favorite story. The bartender of the winning story will win a trip to Nashville and Lynchburg, TN to tour the Jack Daniel’s distillery.

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  • Brian Flanagan is?/was? a bartender at TGIF in the Upper East Side, and before that was a bartender at “Pat’s Place”, which is Flanagan’s in LIC in Queens, and BF then of course became a bartender in Jamaica. So, no a picture of Tom Xenu Cruise on this post is unfitting, since he never tended bar in Brooklyn. But a more fitting one would be Lloyd the Bartender in The Shining, a symbol and to remind people of Brooklyn’s ghostly past. Also glad that you’re calling all BARTENDERS and not mixologists. Mixologists need not apply.