Controversial “Hipster Bar” Could Be Open by Next Week

09/13/2013 11:18 AM |

A controversial hipster bar in Bay Ridge could be open as early as next week, almost a year to the day after it was first announced. Bay Ridge restaurateur Tommy Casatelli, of Kettle Black and Ho’ Brah, said last September that he would open a bar in his uncle’s old locksmith shop to cater to the neighborhood’s growing hipster population. “Bay Ridge needed to open its arms a bit,” he told the Brooklyn Paper. “We’ve been a spaghetti and meatball and Irish bar neighborhood forever. Brooklyn’s always changing and there’s room for everybody.” By January, locals had started freaking out, worried that stylish young people would stay up all night and ruin their ways of life. But since then the commotion died down; a January opening was delayed to June and then delayed again, apparently, as the bar still hasn’t opened. The planned beer garden missed the summer.


But it continued to work quietly toward opening: last month, Bay Ridge Odyssey published a photo of the new storefront, with the name spelled out Coney Islandishly in a red carnival-font outline filled in with yellow light bulbs. I heard that the chef was working out a hot dog/sausages menu (including maybe a vegan one? Hipsters!!) Now a website is up, though it just says “coming soon,” and a Twitter feed started up, promising it would be open soon. How soon?

“Hopefully by next Friday.”

The bar also released its beer menu, a solid assortment of craft beers local and not, reasonably priced at $6 a pint. And despite initial reports of neighborhood animus, many others are delighted. “I just passed by—the place looks great!” one member of the local community board posted to my Facebook. “Can’t wait for it to open!”

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  • Can’t wait for the Lock Yard to open. If it’s anything like the Kettle and Ho’Brah the locals will have nothing to worry about except what kind of beer they’ll want with their food.

  • I can’t wait either. Will most definitely visit once the doors are officially open!

  • Good for Bay Ridge. I just hope it doesn’t get overrun by the beefy morons with 20 lbs of hair gel and their orange girlfriends, like most of the other bars out there. Maybe if they play Slint loud enough…

  • @reason yo man! Even The Situation & Snookie need to go places nearby.
    Can’t always go into the city or go to Williamsburg Meatpacking-LES light known as Wythe Ave. There are too many beards & Zoey D’s still nearby to offend their sensibilities