Eat (And Drink) Your Way Through Literary Brooklyn

09/18/2013 10:15 AM |



Granted, there are a lot of places in Brooklyn that are rightly considered literary landmarks, whether they’re former homes of beloved authors, the bars where said beloved authors went to unwind, or places where literary culture is still unfolding as we speak. If you’re looking to go on even the most casual of self-guided tours, there are a lot of options.


And there’s a strong argument to be made that none of them are quite as uniquely satisfying as the ones that offer actual participation, where you can sit down, grab a few drinks or a bite to eat, and feel that you’re actually taking part in an experience or a place you’ve always read about. Not that we aren’t fully in favor of standing reverently outside historic buildings (we definitely are), but when you’re done with that for the day, you can still kick back with a beer, content in the knowledge you’re doing something culturally significant. Go ahead and feel smug about it.