Fashion in Literature: Recreating 10 of Fiction's Greatest Looks

09/04/2013 11:41 AM |


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Esther Greenwood; The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath
I wore a black shantung sheath that cost me forty dollars. It was part of a buying spree I had with some of my scholarship money when I heard I was one of the lucky ones going to New York. The dress was cut so queerly I couldn’t wear any sort of bra under it, but that didn’t matter much as i was skinny as a boy and barely rippled, and I liked feeling almost naked on the hot summer nights.

Simple, yes, but this dress is notable for being elegant and spare in the way of all little black dresses, and also serves as a reminder of the fact that wearing black is never wrong. Esther’s friend Doreen (all curves and sweetheart neckline and white lace and platinum bouffant) is just too obvious, you just know she’s the kind of person who will only get into one kind of trouble after too many fruity drinks. Whereas if you’re wearing that black dress? You’ll tend to order drinks that go down “like a sword-swallower’s sword” and make you “feel powerful and godlike” and who knows what kind of trouble you’ll get into?

Dress; Geo Panel Dress $74