Fashion in Literature: Recreating 10 of Fiction's Greatest Looks

09/04/2013 11:41 AM |


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Camilla Macauley; The Secret History, Donna Tartt
They looked very much alike, with heavy dark-blond hair and epicene faces as clear, and cheerful and grave, as a couple of Flemish angels. And perhaps most unusual in the context of Hampden—where pseudo-intellects and teenage decadents abounded, and where black clothing was de rigueur—they liked to wear pale clothes, particularly white. In this swarm of cigarettes and dark sophistication they appeared here and there like figures from an allegory, or long-dead celebrants from some forgotten garden party.

I am not the biggest fan of The Secret History, which has caused no fewer than three friendships to go through problematic times because many people really, really like this book. However, in my opinion, its one saving grace is Camilla’s fashion sense. I love the image of her and her brother floating around their Vermont campus in preppy, pale clothes. I mean, Camilla actually wears things like “a sun dress with a sailor collar, and a straw hat.” Who does that? No one. But we all should, maybe.

Dress; Cream Bess Dress, $240
Blouse; Karen Pleat Shoulder Blouse; $149
Sweater; Genevieve top by Kordal, $145