Fashion in Literature: Recreating 10 of Fiction's Greatest Looks

09/04/2013 11:41 AM |


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Nicole Diver; Tender Is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Her bathing suit was pulled off her shoulders and her back, a ruddy orange brown, set off by a string of creamy pearls, shone in the sun. Her face was hard and lovely and pitiful.

Sure, this description is brief and doesn’t even really give many details at all. And yet, just with those two sentences, the reader is immediately transported to the French Riviera of the 1920s…a time when elegance was a bathing suit, a strand of pearls and a tan. So while summer might be over now, it’s not a bad time to start thinking of what beaches you want to spend time on next year. Or even where you’ll venture this winter. Plus, it’s a great time to bathing suit shop. Everything’s on sale! And while pearls are lovely against a tan, the Art Deco crystal necklace from Erica Weiner is another way to shine.

Bathing suit; Edith A. Miller, Nesbitt Suit, $90
Necklace; Art Deco Open-Back Crystal Necklace, $425