Fashion in Literature: Recreating 10 of Fiction's Greatest Looks

09/04/2013 11:41 AM |


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Harriet Daimler; After Claude, Iris Owens
What is the proper attire in which to dine with your enemies? I dug through my wardrobe, piled high on my bentwood rocker, in search of an appropriate answer. My heart began to beat out this refrain of having nothing to wear. I opted for the mismatched effect, currently so fashionable yet ideally suited for my unconventional looks. At the bottom of the bentwood body count, I rescued a long, cotton, tie-dyed skirt that can go absolutely anywhere. I chose to complement it with, of all inspirations, a sheer green Mexican overblouse. The color combination created a meeting of nature, and not just your everyday placid meeting, but a nature of convulsion,

This? Is one of my favorite books, and has one of the great loathsome protagonists in all of fiction. Harriet is awful, but also wonderful and always terribly funny. And she dresses really well, as she should, after all, because it was New York City in the 70s. So! If there’s one person on this list you should dress like, it’s definitely Harriet. Maybe don’t totally live like her? Because she’s a sociopath? But also, maybe do. I don’t know. I have no answers on how to live your life.

Skirt; Tie-Dye Pencil Skirt by Raquel Allegra, $185
Dress; Kimono Dress, $219
Top; Snake Print Harley top, $280